Craft Fair Series 2017 | My Second Fair of the Season

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on October 4, 2017

So last Saturday I had my second fair of the season.  Being my second I knew a little better what to expect.  After getting there and setting up it was almost two hours before the first customer showed up.  I didn’t realize this was the church’s first time to host a craft fair so not many people knew about it.  Throughout the day people trickled in.  I feel I would have sold a lot more if there had been more people.  Most people bought something and said I had very creative beautiful things.  My most popular item were the greeting cards.  I brought my price down from the last fair I did from $5 a card or 5 for $20 to $4 a card or 5 for $15.  Most people bought 5 cards.

Craft Fair Series 2017-review

Although it was a slow day I did well.  I paid for my rental space and made a nice little profit. I am hoping my next fair has more people.  I am planning on making a lot of Christmas themed gift items and a lot more card.

LCS Craft Fair

If you live in the North Texas area come visit me. I’d love to meet you.

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