Stampin’ with My Friends

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on July 5, 2017
Stampin with Friends

Last week I participated in an all day card making party.  It was so fun.  Sharon Armstrong and Jackie Ross really know how to throw a great party.

The theme was Western Days inspired by our Country Livin’ Stamp Set.  They even had a photo booth with props for us to get a few selfies.

Western Themed Photo Booth


Western Themed Photo Booth 2

When I first arrived and found a seat I got out my cards that I had made to swap with the other ladies that had also brought cards to swap.  It was really neat to see all the beautiful cards these creative ladies made. I left with 20 new and different cards to add to my collection plus the six we made during the party!

The party was held in a local restaurant that only serves dinner so was empty while we were there. The event was so organized.  Each table was a different card making station. We were all given our instructions and card pieces in a baggie when we arrived.  After 45 minutes the leaders had us all move to the table next to us and we rotated in a clockwise direction all day.  Also the leaders picked random cards from Swap Display board for prize drawings. I was the first to be picked and won the new Petal Garden Card Pack!

Events like this is why I got involved in Stampin’ Up! and sign up to be a demonstrator.  I love having the opportunity and excuse to get together with friends and have fun creating beautiful things.

Until next time, remember to do more of what makes you happy.



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