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on July 24, 2017
1 Day Project That Took 3 Days

There are only 5 days until my first craft fair.  Am  I ready? NO! Do you ever wonder why something that should only take a day to make turns into 3?  That is what has happened to me.

First Day

I wanted to create a display to hang my handmade cards on and found the best tutorial from Girl in the Garage.  I woke early Thursday morning to buy all the materials to create a chicken wire 3 panel screen.  This was my first hiccup. The local hardware store will cut wood to a specified length and I wanted the 8 foot boards cut down to 6 1/2 foot.  However it seemed like the whole town had decided to shop that day and so I had to wait almost 20 minutes before someone could help me.  I finally got all the supplies home and began to measure and cut all the pieces for my project.  The temperature outside was in the 90’s so I took a break and then went back and stained the wood pieces.  All good so far.  I started to assemble the first frame and I noticed something wrong.  I had cut my top piece 1 inch too long.  I am so thankful it wasn’t 1 inch too short or it would have meant a trip back to the hardware store for another piece of wood.  It did mean however that I had to get all the cutting equipment set up again. Once the pieces were cut correctly I assembled my first frame and started on the second and then the third.  All was going well but I was getting a little over heated so I took another break.  By the time I was cooled off enough it was time to make dinner.  After dinner and doing the dishes I decided to work in my craft room the rest of the evening. I did not want to go back in that heat and I figured I could finish it the next day.

Second Day

The next day I wasn’t able to get back to the project until the afternoon because of another obligation I had.  I began stapling the chicken wire to the first frame and it went down great.  I had purchased 3 foot wide chicken wire and my frame was 3 feet wide so I just stapled as I unrolled it down the frame. Easy peasy. Finished the second frame and started on the third when I ran out of staples. So back to the hardware store.  I had brought the box so I would make sure and get the same size staples but all I looked at was 3/8th inch and of course I ended up buying the wrong size staples.  So again back to the hardware store and wait in line to return the wrong staples and then back to the shelf where the staples were. It was then that I realized there are different size staple guns. I have a small one. I had brought my staple gun this time and made sure the staples would fit. They did. Back home and started stapling again. I was almost finished when the gun stopped working.  My husband and I spent the rest of the evening trying to fix it but by 9 that night he said I should just buy a new one.  I had that staple gun for almost 30 years. I hope this new one last as long.

Third Day

And that brings us to today.  I spent the morning finishing the third chicken wire screen and attaching the screens together with hinges. It looks really great and I’m proud of myself for tackling such a big project.  So something that I thought would only take me a day to make ended up taking me three.

Chicken Wire Display Screen

I still have so much to do before I am completely ready for the fair!  If you have missed any of my previous posts about this craft fair you can click HERE

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