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Craft Fair Series 2017: Christmas Card sets

Posted in Let's Get Creative
on August 17, 2017
Christmas Card set

Hello and welcome back to my Craft Fair Series.  This is the second entry and if you missed my first one you can HERE to see it. Today I’m sharing with you the boxed Christmas card sets I made this week.


Christmas Card set2










These cards measure 5″ X 3.75″.  I found the these base cards at Micheal’s Craft Store in the $1.50 ben. They come 8 cards and envelopes.  I packaged them in these clear top boxes and gold elastic cord that I got at Uline.

Christmas Card set5

I had a couple problems with the cards as I began to transform them into cute Christmas cards. First the cards are cream vanilla in color so my designer paper needed to have a vanilla instead of bright white.  I finally found some at my local Scrapbook store but ended up paying $0.85 a sheet which cut into my profit a bit. The second was the cards are a very light weight card stock so I couldn’t put too much on  the front or the card would be too top heavy. To dress them up a bit without adding weight I used Stampin’ Up! dimensionals under the scalloped ovals. They turned out very nice but I could only get 6 in a box this way.

Christmas Card set3

After I calculated all the supplies it cost me $3. 05 to make a box of cards and I plan to sell them for $10.

Do you sell at craft fairs? I hope this series is helpful to you.  If there is anything I can add or if you have a question, just let me know in the comments below. I will have another craft idea for you next Wednesday. So stayed tuned.

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Craft Fair Series 2017: Mini Coffee Cup Treat holder

Posted in Let's Get Creative
on August 9, 2017
Craft Fair Series 2017- Mini Coffee Cups

Do you sell papercrafts at craft shows?  If you do you will love my new series, Craft Fair Series 2017.  I am starting the series today and will be featuring a different craft each week.  The series will be every Wednesday. Be sure to sign up for my Newsletter and post updates so you don’t miss any of the cute ideas.

Mini Coffee Cup Treat holder

For my first featured craft I bring to you the Mini Coffee Cup Treat Holder.  I have been seeing these adorable little coffee cups all over Pinterest.  And at my last craft show they were one of my best sellers. So it only makes sense for me to make some with a fall theme for my September craft show. I just finished these and will be making Halloween, and Christmas themed ones as well.

Mini Coffee Cup Fall

Doing craft shows is something I love to do and it helps me use up my old scrapbooking stash that never gets used.  I may never become a billionaire this way but it does help support my little craft supply habit.

Making these little treat holders is really easy. To find out how click HERE  and see the post I wrote earlier explaining how.

Mini Coffee Cup Fall2

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a awesome stampin’ day!

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My First Vendor Fair Experience

Posted in Events
on July 31, 2017
My First Vendor Fair

Good morning crafters! I want to share with you my first vendor fair experience. I’ll recap all my prep work, what my day was like and then my reflections. Now I have been to a bazillion craft fairs in the past and thought this would be fun. I started researching how to have a successful fair day and soon discovered a vendor fair is not a traditional craft fair. A vendor fair is really for direct sales companies like Tupperware or Avon. However, as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator I’m a little of both. I am a direct sales demonstrator and what I sell is used to make crafts.

The prep work

For my first vendor fair I needed inventory. (duh!) But what inventory was the most popular? A search on google wasn’t very helpful but to say food is always a good choice.  So next I got on Facebook and found Craft Fairs Stampin’ Style group page.  They were amazingly helpful. It is a very active group and share pictures of what they’re working on and their craft fair experiences.

The first thing I made were these adorable mini coffee cups. You can read my earlier post about them HERE.

Next I decided on Friendship Tea. Sometimes it’s called Russian Tea because it’s made with Tang. Tang is the drink astronauts took in space sharing it with the Russian Cosmonaunts . At least that’s what I read somewhere.  I just called it Friendship Tea.

Friendship Tea:

  • 1 cup Tang
  • 1 cup lemonade mix
  • 1/2 cup instant tea
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground clove

makes 4 cups

Friendship Tea

I made a Christmas organizer

christmas planners

altered composition notebooks

Altered Composition Notebooks

post it note holders with pen. I have a previous post about these HERE

binderclip photo holders

Binderclip Photo Holder

jumbo paperclip bookmarks

Paperclip Bookmarks

and of course greeting cards

Greeting Cards

After I thought  I had enough inventory for my first vendor fair it was on to the display booth.  The research all said it needed height and open for people to feel welcome.  I decided on two tables in an L shape and a chicken wire folding screen to hang my greeting cards. I wanted it bright and cheery and so decided on the color yellow for my theme.

The folding screen was a much bigger project than I had planned and wrote about it HERE.

I had my banner made at an office supply store along with matching business cards.

I then packed it all up the night before.

The big day

I was so nervous it took me forever to fall asleep and then I was wide awake at 4:30 am. I decided to go ahead and get up and have a good breakfast, check email and surf the internet until my friend arrived. She came with coffee (bless her heart) and we were off.

We got to the fair a little early but the coordinator let us in and showed us my spot. I was concerned with the size of the space she had given and so she moved me to the corner and that was perfect. It took us about an hour to set up and so with the extra time we walked around and met some of the other vendors. I made friends with Courtney who sells USborne books and  Melissa who sells Perfectly Posh.

The fair was hosted by SNAP, special needs assistance partners and this was their first event too.  I will say the turn out was a little sparse but for a first timer myself it was just enough for me.

My mini coffee cups were my best seller and I’m excited about making Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas one’s for my next three events.

After all was said and done I ended up with a profit of 115$.  I know that’s not much but it’s more than zero and my next events are actual craft fairs. So I’m happy. Oh also I got 15 people signed up on my email list and I love that.

And mostly I want to thank Dawn Ziesmer for giving up her Saturday morning to help me set up. You are an awesome friend! I couldn’t have done it without you.


My Reflections

I am so glad I took the leap and entered my first vendor fair event.  It took a lot of time preparing for this first one but now that I have it under my belt the future ones should be much easier. Next year I think I will have a make and take at actual vendor fairs and not so much product for sale.  My main goal was to get people interested in coming to my card making class and I did not get anyone signed up for that. I had a great day and look forward to my next event which is September 30 in two months.  It is a craft fair at a church so I want a lot of product for that one, especially Christmas themed products.

If you are in the area I would love to meet you. Details where I’ll be are listed below.

Crossroads Craft Fair














Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have stupendous stampin’ rest of the day!

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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Posted in Let's Get Creative
on July 24, 2017
1 Day Project That Took 3 Days

There are only 5 days until my first craft fair.  Am  I ready? NO! Do you ever wonder why something that should only take a day to make turns into 3?  That is what has happened to me.

First Day

I wanted to create a display to hang my handmade cards on and found the best tutorial from Girl in the Garage.  I woke early Thursday morning to buy all the materials to create a chicken wire 3 panel screen.  This was my first hiccup. The local hardware store will cut wood to a specified length and I wanted the 8 foot boards cut down to 6 1/2 foot.  However it seemed like the whole town had decided to shop that day and so I had to wait almost 20 minutes before someone could help me.  I finally got all the supplies home and began to measure and cut all the pieces for my project.  The temperature outside was in the 90’s so I took a break and then went back and stained the wood pieces.  All good so far.  I started to assemble the first frame and I noticed something wrong.  I had cut my top piece 1 inch too long.  I am so thankful it wasn’t 1 inch too short or it would have meant a trip back to the hardware store for another piece of wood.  It did mean however that I had to get all the cutting equipment set up again. Once the pieces were cut correctly I assembled my first frame and started on the second and then the third.  All was going well but I was getting a little over heated so I took another break.  By the time I was cooled off enough it was time to make dinner.  After dinner and doing the dishes I decided to work in my craft room the rest of the evening. I did not want to go back in that heat and I figured I could finish it the next day.

Second Day

The next day I wasn’t able to get back to the project until the afternoon because of another obligation I had.  I began stapling the chicken wire to the first frame and it went down great.  I had purchased 3 foot wide chicken wire and my frame was 3 feet wide so I just stapled as I unrolled it down the frame. Easy peasy. Finished the second frame and started on the third when I ran out of staples. So back to the hardware store.  I had brought the box so I would make sure and get the same size staples but all I looked at was 3/8th inch and of course I ended up buying the wrong size staples.  So again back to the hardware store and wait in line to return the wrong staples and then back to the shelf where the staples were. It was then that I realized there are different size staple guns. I have a small one. I had brought my staple gun this time and made sure the staples would fit. They did. Back home and started stapling again. I was almost finished when the gun stopped working.  My husband and I spent the rest of the evening trying to fix it but by 9 that night he said I should just buy a new one.  I had that staple gun for almost 30 years. I hope this new one last as long.

Third Day

And that brings us to today.  I spent the morning finishing the third chicken wire screen and attaching the screens together with hinges. It looks really great and I’m proud of myself for tackling such a big project.  So something that I thought would only take me a day to make ended up taking me three.

Chicken Wire Display Screen

I still have so much to do before I am completely ready for the fair!  If you have missed any of my previous posts about this craft fair you can click HERE

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Mini Coffee Cup Craft Fair Idea

Posted in Let's Get Creative
on July 19, 2017
mini Coffee Cup Craft Idea

Only 10 days until my first craft fair! I have been so busy trying to get enough inventory made and for the past couple of days I’ve been working on these mini coffee cups. I saw them on Pinterest and just had to make some for my upcoming craft fair.  Most crafters say they are their number 1 best seller at fairs.  I sure hope so. They would make great little gifts for friends or teachers and coworkers.  As a former teacher I know I would have loved a cute gift like this.  I think they would make a great secret Santa gift too.

If you have missed any of the other crafts I’ve been making for the fair you can see HERE.

Mini Coffee Cup Thanks alatte

I used products from our new Coffee Suite to decorate these cups.  I’m looking forward to making some with fall and Christmas themes too.

Have you seen this new Coffee suite? You are going to love how many different things you can make with it. All the paper matches and there is even a tiny coffee cup die to cut out the coffee cups on the designer paper.

Coffee Break Suite

Decorating the cups was pretty easy.  First I took one apart so I could use it as a pattern.  I traced and cut out designer paper to cover the cup. I used Tombow mono glue to adhere it to the cup. Next I cut out a band in a coordinating cardstock and stamped a sentiment before adhering it to the cup. I filled the cup with caramel coffee flavor Werther’s Originals and wrapped it up in a cellophane bag.


To make the tag I cut white cardstock 2 inches wide. Then used the scalloped tag topper punch.  The original stamp sentiment was too big so I used a post it note to mask off half of it. Then decorated with a scrap of designer paper and the tiny coffee cup I cut out of the designer paper with the matching die cut.

mini Coffee Cup Tag

A list of the supplies I used are listed below.

Product List

mini coffee cups are from

Werther’s Originals from Walmart

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