Which is better? the Red Rubber Stamp or Clear Rubber Stamp

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on January 31, 2018
Click through to find out which is better Red Rubber or Photopolymer www.creatingwithkristina.com

Actually both the red rubber stamp and the acrylic stamp are good stamps but they each have unique stamping qualities.

Red Rubber Stamp

Red Rubber Stamp click through to read about advantaged of red rubber vs clear stamps www.creatingwithkristina.com

The Red Rubber stamp is the traditional stamp that comes mounted on a wood block.  However you can now buy them without the wooden block so as to store them with less space.

The advantages are:

  • Image – red rubber gives a cleaner image
  • Ready to use – because they are typically already mounted on wooden blocks they are ready to use
  • Durable – red rubber does not tear due to peeling off acrylic blocks and can withstand high temperature, for example when you press them into molten embossing powder for deep embossing techniques.

The disadvantages are:

  • cost – red rubber is slightly more expensive than clear stamps
  • placement – because you cannot see through them it is harder to know where you are stamping
  • storage – wood mounted rubber stamps take up more room


Acrylic Stamp

Clear rubber stamps are know by different names such as acrylic stamps, polymer stamps, photo-polymer stamps, clear rubber stamps. At Stampin’ Up! we call them photo-polymer stamps.

The advantages are:

  • Cost – clear stamps are often cheaper than traditional red rubber stamps
  • Ease of Use – the stamps can be used immediately with a single acrylic block without having to pre-mount or prepare the stamps in any way.
  • Accurate Stamping – the clear stamps and clear stamping block mean that it is easy to accurately place stamps
  • Storage – clear stamps are simple to store and do not take up much room.

The disadvantages:

  • Loss of Stickiness – the stamps can lose their stickiness due to dirt or dust (although washing the stamps in water may help to restore the stickiness)
  • Image Quality – many clear stamps give a slightly softer stamped image than traditional rubber stamps.
  • Tearing – the stamps are soft and can tear when being removed from the backing sheet or block
  • Fiddly – some of the tiny stamps can be fiddly to use and to clean.
  • Blocks – blocks are required in order to use the stamps and this can add to the cost

The way I see it is, if I want a good clear detailed image I will use a red rubber stamp but if I need to see through for exact placement I will use clear photo-polymer stamp.

I hope this information was helpful.

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