This is What Happens When You Create Every Day

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on April 19, 2017


As you scroll through hundreds of card ideas on Pinterest, you see a card with a clever way to use Santa’s beard as ocean waves and think I wish I was creative like that. Well, let me tell you, you can be! All it takes is time and being a little more mindful of your surroundings.

Creativity is something that is cultivated over time.

I was at the local art museum to see the Claude Monte exhibit some time back. And after walking through the entire show listening to the audio guide I came to one of his first paintings.  I was struck by how different it is from his most famous paintings he painted near the end of his life.  You see in the beginning Monte copied other artists to develop his skill. But as he grew older he began to find his own unique creative style that we all love today.

Creativity come from creating.

If you want to be more creative, then make a resolve to create every day. In the beginning copy your favorite artists. Over time your mind will start coming up with ideas how to change or improve what you are working on. Sometimes this comes from a need to solve a problem.  Say the card you are copying calls for a certain cut out shape but you don’t have it (Ocean waves) So you start thinking about what you have that looks like ocean waves (Santa’s beard) and use that instead. That is being creative.  After a while you won’t need other’s work to copy. You will start seeing things in your surroundings and think how you can incorporate them into your art.  For example, you might see a funny looking lamp shade but think that would make a great skirt design for the dress you want to make, or you walk into a room and love the color choice for the décor and think how you can use these colors in the next card you are making.

Inspiration is everywhere.  Start being more mindful of your surroundings and take note of things that inspire new ideas.  Also, it’s important to keep track of all these ideas. If you stumble upon something brilliant in the middle of the night, write it down! If you pass by something on a walk, take a picture. You’ll be kicking yourself if you forget that awesome idea.

You are creative. And creating every day cultivates that creativity and helps it grow. The more you create the more creative you become.

One reason I became a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator was to inspire others to cultivate their creativity. I hope this blog gives you ideas and inspires you to create more. Please use the ideas for your own personal use and please give credit where credit is due.

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